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Get the best looking floors with our premium quality floor polishing service in Long Island. We create splendid floors with epoxy floor polishing for your residential & commercial premises. GET AN ESTIMATE 848-202-8882 PEC FLOORS


Get Expert Floor Coating & Installation with our Premium Company in Long Island

Searching for the right people to give your floors an exuberant look and feel? Let our expert epoxy floor coating specialists make your floors appear stunningly beautiful with a long lasting lustrous appeal.


Epoxy Flooring in Long Island at the Best Price

Who said epoxy floor coating in Long Island will cost you an arm and leg? With PEC Floors, we bring the most affordable epoxy floor coating solution at your doorstep. Price is a concern when you’re dealing with an epoxy floor company which has just stepped into the market. Our Long Island epoxy floor coating company is one among many to add the perfect aesthetic appeal. We bring a wide range of flooring options for your corridors, meeting rooms, basements, garages, etc. Our industrial grade low viscosity epoxy is what you can get at the best affordable price in Long Island.


Why is Epoxy Floor Coating the Best Floor Solution?

Epoxy has a tendency to perfectly seal away all the cracks & holes within the floor which makes it absolutely safe from all kinds of external harmful contaminants. Unlike the normal paint jobs which may easily peel off, epoxy flooring offers strong adhesion which permanently seals the concrete underneath the overcoat. With the right epoxy flooring, you can ensure no water or air can get underneath the adhesion. Moreover, your floor gets an everlasting protection with our epoxy flooring service in Long Island. If you haven’t considered getting an epoxy floor coat as of yet, now might be the best time.


An Easy to Apply Commercial Floor Coating

We live in a fast paced world where if something comes to a halt, it creates a domino effect of shutting down processes. In an industrial setting, nobody can afford that at any cost. If you don’t want your operations to come to a halt, our PEC Floors can add a quick drying floor coating solution. Call our expert floor coating specialists to add layers of protection to your industrial floors. Not only does it dry up in a few hours, but it also becomes rigid and sturdy. Our industrial-grade low viscosity epoxy is the most perfect floor coating option which can minimize your down-time and give you the best results. We bring easy to apply commercial floor coating for your industrial floors making them pitch perfect.


Let’s Make Your Floors Stain Resistant

Paint jobs tend to get damaged when they are exposed to UV light but that’s certainly not the case with epoxy flooring. When you choose to add epoxy to your floors, your floors become stain resistant. It usually happens because of the shiny lustrous overcoat which our trained & certified floor coating specialists add to your floors. Our non-porous epoxy finishing ensures that nothing can create any stain. Even if there’s a spill of some sort, our experts will clean it up permanently giving it a spotless shine. Has your floor become old & worn out? It’s best you hire our epoxy floor services in Long Island.