Get Highly Durable Floors with Concrete Micro topping

In Queens

Are you done with old & worn-out concrete flooring? We're the best at giving your concrete floors that fresh new look. If you want to make it stand out from all of its peers, contact PEC Floors in Queens . GET AN ESTIMATE 848-202-8882 PEC FLOORS


Give Your Existing Concrete the Perfect Appeal

Have you ever wanted to give your home a facelift but didn’t know how? Microtopping in Queens can enable you to have an expensive looking floor without incurring much of a cost. It’s not only more reliable than hardwood or tile floor installation, but concrete microtopping also adds long lasting durability to your floors making them best for any home or commercial environment. Having both decorative benefits as well as long lasting durability, microtopping is the perfect solution for any home type in Queens NY. It is a much better solution for filling up cracks & holes appearing in the concrete giving them the perfect surface sheen. If you want lifetime durability & beauty in flooring, opt in for microtopping now. Want to give your concrete floors a much more natural appeal?


We Have a Variety of Options to Transform Your Concrete

Do you want to get the most perfect looking floors for your residential and commercial needs? Look no further than PEC Floor. Our microtopping floor experts can add any kind of aesthetic appeal to your existing old, rugged & worn out concrete floors. We can add stylized designs & deep textures to existing concrete making them fresh & new in appearance. Our team goes beyond then filling up cracks appearing in your concrete by giving your concrete floor an entirely fresh appearance. We specialize in custom designs and we keep our customer preferences on top of everything when it comes to making new floors. Call our experts now to create marbleized or granitized microtopped surfaces at your premises.


What are the Benefits of Getting a Concrete Microtopping Service in Queens NY?

Concrete microtopping is the best way to protect your investment in a home or business. It’s designed with commercial durability and longevity, so you can enjoy it for years without worrying about wear and tear of this precious asset! A few other reasons why we recommend you to get microtopping surface are:

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of having a microtopping concrete floor installed?


Why Choose PEC Floor for your Concrete Microtopping?

PEC Floors is a leading flooring company in Queens NY. We offer our clients the highest quality of microtopping concrete for their floors with an aesthetic appeal to last forever! To get started, just talk with one of our customer representatives about what you’re looking for in your concrete remodeling project–we have something perfect for everyone’s preference whether it be stamped or raised topped; Our fully trained flooring specialists can create concrete surfaces not only using the top materials but our teams make sure you get that flooring solution at the best affordable price. Call us for the best concrete. Want to get a reliable, affordable & everlasting concrete microtopping service in Queens NY?