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Get Highly Reflective Flooring Surface

We bring premium hi-tech grade concrete floor polishing equipment with us to give your floors the best shine and profound lustre. Has it been decades since you last invested your budget in getting an appealing floor? Now might just be the time to give your floors a highly reflective appeal and transform your floor into a stunningly beautiful one. When it comes to concrete floor polishing, our expert service can not only add an everlasting appeal to it, but they can also make them scratch resistant, dirt/debris repellent and contaminant free.

Once we have applied the concrete polish, your floor will neither chip nor peel off and become absolutely well-maintained meeting all slip resistant codes effectively.

Concrete Floor Polishing in Manhattan
concrete floor polishing NYC

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Hire our Certified Teams to Polish Floors in Long Island

When it comes to floor polishing, we have some of the best certified teams. Not only are we skilled in applying fresh coats, but we can also remove any existing coatings, glue marks, paints, epoxy or any other stubborn blemishes from your concrete. Whether you want to get your concrete floors polished at garages, basements, porches, homes, warehouses, dealerships, restaurants, retail stores, schools, showrooms, hangars, office lobbies or malls, our floor polishing service can provide you with the best concrete floor polishing service in Long Island.

When it comes to floor polishing, we have years of experience under our belt. With our hi-tech machines, we can make the finest looking floors at the best price.


Why Choose Concrete Floor Polishing in Long Island?

Before applying floor polish, we ensure your concrete floors are initially chemically treated for surface hardening. So when we apply a fresh coat of polish on your concrete floors, it gains the capability to repel stress damage. On the other hand, your floor becomes stick free, scratch-free and blemish-free. If there’s a fluid spill at any point in time, you can easily remove it by wiping it away with a mop. No more hard scrubbing the floors to remove unwanted spot marks. Our team offers you the exact shine which you desire to see on your floors.

With our service, you get concrete floor polishing in Long Island at lowered costs and you don’t have to invest much in the future for floor maintenance. For the next 5 years, you’re free from floor problems.

Concrete Floor Polishing NYC

Versatile Excellence

Residential & Commercial Concrete Floor Polishing in Long Island

When it comes to concrete floor polishing, there are plenty of similar services offering a promising deal. However, when you hire PEC Floors, we only pitch you with the best price and deliver par excellent customer service. When it comes to delivering floor polishing service, we commit ourselves to bringing the best looking floors to your premises. It’s why we use all the best materials to make your floors exuberant, and lustrous. We only use the best industrial-grade floor polishing to bring the most satisfying shine to your floors. We also provide epoxy floor coating in Long Island.

Whether you want one at your residential space or commercial workplace, our premium standard concrete floor polishing service in Long Island is your best bet.