We Help You Get the Best Self-Leveling Concrete in NYC

Concrete floors tend to disintegrate and become rugged, craggy and pitted with holes with the passage of time. Now you can either choose to tear up the entire floor and get it completely renovated from scratch, or you can choose a self-leveling process to fill up the pitted holes and escape the time-consuming & costly process of self-leveling in NYC. At PEC Floors, we provide both services at the best price. However, if you want a more affordable option, then we recommend you to choose self-leveling in NYC.

Self-Leveling Concrete in NYC from PEC Floors will ensure your floor becomes highly resistant & corrosive free.


Add Underlayment to Clear Moisture from Concrete

One of the reasons why concrete flooring succumb to wear and tear is because of the moisture build up. Usually, this happens when concrete is exposed to extreme weather conditions such as rain & snow. If you’re planning to add a new hardwood style flooring, vinyl flooring or tile flooring to your home, we recommend you get an underlayment for your rugged and craggy concrete first. It will not only ensure the maximum durability for your floors but also add significant compressive strength to it. As a result, your floor type (may it be hardwood or tiled) will get a much solid foundation. At PEC Floors, we add different underlayment’s based on your concrete floor condition. Our underlayment goes as deep as 2-3 inches ensuring that it carefully packs away your concrete. To add underlays, we utilize a very special poly-urethane compound which increases the longevity of your concrete. Our expert floor makers in NYC/Manhattan carefully observe everything with a precise eye. Underlays are important as they keep your concrete underneath the floor well-protected. If you ever want to change your floors again, you won’t have to worry about getting your concrete reconstructed again.


Add Overlayments to Ensure Maximum Durability

Are you planning to get epoxy flooring at your commercial premises? Do you want to get floor polishing done in your garage or elsewhere? It’s best you add an overlay of concrete to make sure your floor becomes blemish-free, highly durable and free from pitted holes. PEC Floor experts add the best concrete overlay toppings for your concrete floors making them absolutely smooth. Self leveling prepares your concrete for adding epoxy patterns & textures of your choice.

Our NYC based self leveling concrete experts can add 2-3 inches deep self-leveling concrete overlay to your rugged concrete. It doesn’t matter how pitted or rugged your concrete gets, our overlays will bring the perfect smoothness out in your concrete. When it comes to concrete overlays, at PEC Floors we have a variety of different options. We also provide concrete polishing & epoxy coating services. As a floor expert searching up the best overlays, we can bring you commendable options.


Get Certified Self-Leveling Concrete Experts in NYC

Seeking a self-leveling solution under the supervision of certified experts and floor levelers? Well look no further than PEC Floor, your one stop shop for all your flooring requirements. We use only the best tools & the right methodologies to ensure your floor becomes extra smooth with a lustrous sheen. As certified floor specialists, we have served at plenty of different residential & commercial setups.

When it comes to self-leveling concrete, we take up the responsibility of just about everything. From surface preparation to floor finishing, we do everything for your concrete floors without breaking a sweat. We only use the best cement components to make your floor absolutely perfect & just the way you desire. Our skilled labor have excellent craftsmanship and ample experience in creating different floors.

Are you searching for the right professionals for self-leveling concrete in NYC & Manhattan.