Get Magnificent Floors in Queens with Concrete Grinding & Sealing Services

Are the floors at your premises becoming old and worn out?

Getting a hardwood or vinyl floor at your commercial space in Queens is going to cost you?

How about you hire our professional concrete grinding & sealing service in Queens? We can create magnificent looking, intensely durable, and highly slip-resistant floors anywhere in Queens NY.


Why Choose Concrete Grinding & Sealing for Your Floors in Queens?

Minimized Costing

We provide composite sealers to seal away your concrete from all external contamination. At the same time, we ensure everlasting floor durability.

Aesthetic Appeal

A grind and sealed concrete create a unique aesthetic appeal for your floor, bringing a naturally appearing look & feel to all your commercial floor types.

Easy Floor Cleaning

Say goodbye to long & laborious hours of scrubbing the floors to bring out their appeal. Honestly, the next time you want to clean them, all it will ever take is a single swipe.

High-End Durability

Our grind & sealed concrete service in Queens delivers a high-quality grind & sealed floor, which adds a hard finishing to the floor, giving it maximum durability.

Stain Resistant

With our powerful sealants, you get a hard top surface that is durable and stain-resistant. It means the floors we create for you don’t get dirty too soon.

Maximum Safety

We create floors that follow the OSHA guidelines, and that’s why our grind & sealed floors are slip-resistant. No more worrying about slip accidents with our floors.

Long-lasting Protection for Your Floors

How Is Polished Concrete Different from Grind & Sealed Concrete?

Both the processes, may it be concrete polishing or concrete grinding and sealing initiates with the same step. Concrete is first precisely grinded and then a densifier is used to add a cemented top over the concrete substrate to create a smooth overlay. After the concrete smoothness is achieved, the process differentiates. In case of concrete grinding and sealing, the team leaves the concrete substrate in its original form leaving the granite exposed. The final step involves applying the sealant which packs away the surface leaving a well-polished surface behind. The sheen & lustre is added to the granite floor.

In concrete polishing the same grinding process is performed just as it is performed in the grind & sealed concrete. However, the only difference between the two methods is that concrete polishing adds a durable layer on top of the finely grinded concrete substrate before applying the polish. 

The concrete polishing process is a little expensive in comparison to concrete grinding & sealing. However, the results between the two are pretty obvious too. But if it’s a matter of affordability and you’re running low on cash, then it’s best that you go for a grind and sealed option rather than a concrete polishing option.

Want to add a great appeal to your finely grinded floors? Call our expert grind & seal Queen’s services.

At PEC Floors we add the most beautiful looking “grind & seal floors in Queens” for your garages, schools, & institutions.


How PEC Floors Perform Concrete Grinding & Sealing in Queens?

To create the most polished looking floors for our clients, we use highly performant grinding machines to smoothen the concrete surfaces. Once the grinding process is complete, we apply composite sealants to seal away floors perfectly. Our powerful sealants will make your floors peel-free, slip-free, resistant to chemicals, and much more. Here’s a step by step process on how we perform concrete grinding & sealing in Queens NY.
Step 1: Floor Analysis
The process begins with analyzing the concrete at your premises. Our floor specialists in Queens perform a survey of your location. Using self-leveling tools, we analyze how rugged the concrete is and which areas will require special attention. After performing the analysis, we measure the complete area of the flooring and prep our systems for surface grinding.
Step 2: Surface Grinding
The second step is the grinding process itself. In this process, our flooring experts use high-tech grinding machines to smoothen up the rugged surfaces within the premises. We carefully remove all previous traces of adhesives, grime, dirt, grease and other impurities from the floor to make it appear shiny & lustrous. Just like any other material, concrete also becomes patchy with large divots & unwanted holes. With our grinding process, we ensure your concrete surface appears smooth & wonderful as ever.
Step 3: Sealing Concrete Away
After grinding the concrete, our PEC Floor experts apply powerful sealants to seal away the concrete. The sealing material ensures that all the unnecessary contaminations stay clear from the surface. Using a poly-urethane based sealer, we ensure your floor becomes absolutely safe. The sealants we use packs the floor away from all kinds of stains, industrial wastes, & chemical spills. With our grind & sealed flooring in Queens, not only do your floors become highly durable but they also become incredibly slip-resistant. We use only the best adhesives to ensure your floors never peel away or fade away in due time.