Let’s Make Concrete Floors That Lasts for a Long Time

If you are located in Long Island and your concrete floors are coming apart, it’s probably because you haven’t considered floor renovation for a long period. Whether you want concrete renovations at a commercial place or a residential space, our professional self-leveling concrete service in Long Island can provide you with the concrete flooring service anywhere in Long Island. We make concretes using the overlayment and underlayment processes to make them absolutely good as new. No more going through the laborious process of searching up the right products & the best people for the job.


Create the Best Foundation for Flooring with Concrete Underlayment

Without a stable foundation, even the most firm platforms can easily fall apart. If you don’t want your floorings to come apart just because your concrete wasn’t of the top-form, then hire our PEC Floor experts now. We apply the best quality underlayments making your underlying concretes very durable. Whether you choose to install hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring or tile flooring, a stable underlayment concrete will make sure your flooring does not succumb to any failures whatsoever. When applying underlayments, we first analyze the floor composition to understand what kind of underlayment your concrete requires. Based on your floor’s composition, our underlayment can vary from feather-edge thin layer to as much as 2-3 inches in depth. Depending on the condition of the concrete, our self-leveling experts in Long Island ensures they apply the right amount of material. With underlayments on, you can rest easy with deploying the floors over your concrete without breaking a sweat. With our underlayments, your concrete becomes free from all sorts of external contamination.


Adding Epoxy? Add an Overlayment to Your Concrete First

If you’re planning to create epoxy flooring at your premises in Long Island, you need to make sure your floor has a rugged-free & non-pitted concrete surface. An overlayment will ensure your concrete becomes free from all major & minor defects so you can add different textures and patterns for epoxy floor coating. With our concrete self-leveling overlayment, you get strong durable concrete with immense compressive strength for handling high foot traffic at your commercial place.

Besides, if you ever choose to remove the epoxy flooring or replace it with a new texture & design, your concrete flooring beneath the epoxy will remain perfectly intact. Whether you choose epoxy flooring again or concrete polishing for your floor surface, an overlay will ensure your surface comes out perfect. You won’t find any blemishes, whereas, your floor will appear spotlessly clean & extra smooth. When it comes to floor overlays, we have a variety of concrete overlaying options.

Call one of our floor experts and we will help you cherry-pick the right one.


Hire Certified Floor Specialists in Long Island for Self-Leveling Concrete

Don’t want to get stuck in the hassles of finding the right products or the right tools for the job? Call PEC Floors in Long Island and we will send our certified floor specialists right over to you. Our quick and reliable service has the best experts to help you with your self-leveling concrete process. We have ample experience in remodeling and renovating concrete floorings in various residential & commercial settings. With our professionals at work, everything feels as easy as a breeze. Our experts are not just courteous in treating you as customers, but we do whatever we can to help you get the best floors.

Just let us know your requirements and our self-leveling concrete experts in Long Island will help you.