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Hire the Best Self-Leveling Concrete Service in New Jersey

Is the concrete flooring at your commercial premises becoming old, worn-out and craggy? If you can see pitted holes appearing on the surface of your floors, it’s high time you get your concrete remodeled. Tearing up an old concrete floor and replacing it with an entirely new one is not only time consuming but can also weigh heavy on the pockets. If you are searching for a more affordable option, call our expert floor service to provide you with a new self-leveling concrete. At PEC Floors, we have strong adhesions to add the perfect stability to your concretes and make them corrosion free.


Secure Concrete Underneath Different Floor Types with Underlayment

Hardwood floors and vinyl flooring can be expensive but if you’re opting in to get one for your premises, then it’s best you should first consider securing the foundation on which the floor will be set. Get underlayments for your concrete before deploying any floor type at your premises. An underlayment is like a shield that ensures your concrete remains well secured from external contamination and moisture build-up before you add any type of hardwood, vinyl or tile flooring at your premises. At PEC Floors, our experts use only the best material underlayment to ensure maximum longevity of your concrete. Based on the condition of your specific floor type, we add underlayments as much as up to 2-3 inches in depth. Our underlayments ensure your floor becomes absolutely smooth, robust & rigid. Underlayment process at PEC Floors isn’t a complicated one. We use a special poly-urethane underlayment and spread it evenly across the concrete creating the perfect abrasive shield against contaminations. At PEC Floors, we get you high-quality underlayment to ensure your flooring lasts the longest.


Add Overlayment Before Epoxy Flooring or Concrete Polishing

Tired of old concrete looks? Then how about you get yourself an epoxy floor type for your commercial premises. But before you invest your budget in getting the right epoxy floor coating, make sure the concrete at your premises is in the best shape. Overlayment is a process which allows you to add a layer of protection on your concrete before you proceed with adding an epoxy layer to your concrete floor.

At PEC Floors, we bring the best overlayment solution for our customers. Whether you want an overlayment done in your residential garage or you want one at a commercial workplace, our experts have ample experience in laying down the best overlays at your premises. When it comes to adding overlays, our expert flooring specialists add overlays up to a depth of 2-3 inches. Do you want to make sure your concrete floor is in the best shape for epoxy flooring or polishing? Hire PEC Floors now.


Hire Certified Self-Leveling Concrete in New Jersey

When it comes to adding self-leveling material to concrete floors, our professional flooring company in New Jersey has the right people for the job. We have certified floor specialists who have ample experience in adding underlayment/overlayment to different floor sizes without breaking a sweat. Whether you want one for a commercial facility or you want one for a residential zone, our self-leveling concrete experts in your area can bring the best tools right to your location. We only use the best poly-urethane products which ensures that your floors get an everlasting durability. Our self-leveling material can give a very solid base to your concrete.

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