Restore Your Concrete Surfaces

Get Stunning Floors in NYC with our Concrete Grinding & Sealing in Manhattan

Are the floors at your premises crumbling away?

Does getting hardwood or vinyl type flooring for your premises can take up a good investment?

PEC Floors can offer you the perfect concrete grinding & sealing services in NYC for a variety of different floor types. Call our professional flooring services to add the perfect aesthetic appeal for concrete surfaces.


Why Concrete Grinding & Sealing in NYC the Best Flooring Option?

Minimized Costing

When you apply composite sealers from recommended flooring solutions like us, you add the best layer of protection for your well-grinded concrete floors for sealing.

Aesthetic Appeal

Getting a “grind & seal” concrete flooring from our professional flooring company in NYC can bring the perfect aesthetic appeal for all commercial floor types.

Easy Floor Cleaning

With us, you never have to get stuck with floor cleaning hassles. Our finely grinded and sealed concrete does not require you to invest any budget in laborious scrubbing.

High-End Durability

With our professional grinding & sealing service in NYC, the floors at your premises become highly durable. The hard finish top can sustain maximum foot traffic.

Stain Resistant

The powerful sealants applied to your concrete does not only ensure maximum floor stability. It also keeps your floor safe from all kinds of stains & contaminations.

Maximum Safety

When it comes to concrete grinding & sealing services, we follow the OSHA requirements in making your floors slip-resistant. We use powerful sealants to make your floors slip-free.

Professional Concrete Refinishing

How Is Polished Concrete Different from Grind & Sealed Concrete?

While both concrete polishing and concrete grinding and sealing processes involve the initial step of grinding the concrete, the concrete polishing uses a densifier that reacts with the cemented top of the concrete layers and creates a smooth overlay. Whereas, when it comes to concrete grinding and sealing, the process leaves the floor after grinding as it is leaving the granite exposed. 

Here the final step involves using a composite sealant to cover the surface, whereas, in polished concrete, the polish is applied to add the sheen in the cemented topped concrete layer. Concrete polishing creates slightly more durable floors in comparison to a grind & sealed concrete because of the extra cemented top layering. 

It is also a bit expensive in comparison to grinding & sealing of the concrete. So if you’re searching for an affordable concrete polished surface, then “grind and sealed” concrete is one of the best options. It not only gives your floor a uniquely natural appearance but also adds maximum stability and makes your concrete free from all kinds of environmental degradation. 

Want to add a great appeal to your finely grinded floors? Call our expert grind & seal services in NYC. PEC Floors add the most beautiful looking “grind & seal floors in NYC” for your garages, schools, & institutions.


How We Perform the Perfect Grinding & Sealing in NYC?

When it comes to floor grinding & sealing, we aim to provide the most exquisite floor jobs for commercial locations in Manhattan and the surrounding areas. Our floor grinding & sealing experts have ample experience in perfectly sealing away grinded concrete using the best sealing composites. With our years of experience in floor polishing, we aim to do a commendable job by following three simple steps.
Step 1: Floor Analysis
We initiate the work by sending our floor specialists to your location in NYC, where they perform a thorough analysis of your floors. Using the right instruments, they analyze the ruggedness of the surface. They identify which areas will require deep grinding and which of them will require a softer finishing.
Step 2: Grinding the Concrete
The next step is the concrete transformation. In this step, our professionals carefully perform the surface grinding. During the process, they carefully remove all the unwanted adhesives and impurities, making the concrete floor appear good as new. Floors naturally accumulate a lot of grease and dirt, which eventually results in making the concrete lose its respective shine & luster. With the passage of time, the concrete floor also generates large divots, holes, and patchy surface areas because of heavy foot traffic. To remove all the unwanted unevenness of the concrete, our experts perform a thorough concrete grinding.
Step 3: Applying the Sealant
Once the concrete floor is finely grinded, the next step involves the application of sealant. Our professional floor experts apply a high-quality sealing material on the finely grinded floors sealing away the concrete from all sorts of external contaminations. To seal away the concrete, we use urethane based sealers, which promises a reasonably long-lasting effect ensuring maximum floor resilience. The sealing composite that we use to pack away the floors and make sure the concrete remains absolutely safe & secure from all stains, chemical spills & industrial wastes. Our sealants are very powerful, and they won’t quickly fade or peel away over time. Our adhesives can keep your floors well maintained for years.