Change Your Old Worn Out Concrete with micro-topping in NYC

Tired of watching your old concrete crumble away? PEC Floors provides top notch micro-topping for all types of concrete floor, may they be residential or commercial. Is the concrete on your floor surface becoming rugged, or have damaged edges? Or is it that time of the year again when you start wondering if you need a new concrete floor for your premises to make it appear more beautiful than ever before? At PEC Floors, we can do it all for you. We are NYC’s one stop shop solution for all floor remodeling & renovation needs. Just get in touch with us for a new micro topping concrete surface today.

Diverse Concrete Designs

Get a Variety of Textures & Different Floor Concrete Designs

Want your concrete floor to have an updated look? Hire us for our exquisite services where our floor handlers will make your residential or commercial concrete the most luxurious surface in any room. Our experienced teams can create different textures and designs, like marbleized or granitized effects on top of old cracked surfaces. Now, you don’t have to worry about cracks appearing on your concrete because of too much water entry into an otherwise dry area. We also ensure to add more new layers so they can perfectly match with older ones and add extra durability. When it comes to micro-topping, we only use top quality Portland material to ensure your floors become long lasting & stand the toughest days. Are you searching for a professional micro-topping service in NYC?

Aesthetic Elegance

What are the Benefits of Getting Concrete micro-topping Done in NYC?

Getting concrete micro-topping done at your premises is a great solution for old & worn out surfaces. The durability of this type of topping can last up to a decade with proper care and in fact go beyond, much better than just about any other flooring solution on the market today! Other benefits include:

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Proven Track Record

Why Choose PEC Floors for micro-topping in NYC?

We at PEC Floors specialize in the construction of concrete floors for all types of residential & commercial projects. Our flooring teams take pride not just for their quality workmanship, but also because they only use top quality products to ensure your floor has extra long life. With our micro-topping service – where we can turn any concrete flooring into a new brand floor – you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful custom made creation befitting your preferences. Under the supervision of our skilled craftsmen and based on your favorite colors & patterns; now get an everlasting floor with our professional experts.

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