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Give a Unique & Exciting Appeal to Your Concrete Floors

Concrete micro-topping is a unique and exciting way to give your concrete an even better look. This product can be used in all different types of settings, from residential homes up through commercial buildings! It has both decorative benefits as well as durability which makes it stand out when compared with other flooring options like carpet or tile floors. With this resurfacing material you’ll never have to worry about the floor filling up with cracks & crevices – just enjoy the beautiful finish that lasts longer & gives you a durability of a lifetime. Concrete micro-topping has a tendency to last longer than other floor types such as wood, vinyl, carpeting, and even tiled floorings.

Want to give a warm natural appeal to your existing floors at home or workplace? Get reliable & top quality concrete micro-topping service in Long Island only at PEC Floors.

Stylish Flooring Choices

Transform the Look of Your Concrete Floors with a Variety of Options

When it comes to micro-topping, PEC Floors can offer you a variety of options to help you get just the look you desire for your home & businesses. Our micro-topping solutions come in a variety of different colors & textures. Now, get a custom floor design to fit your preference with our state of the art micro-topping service in Long Island. Our micro-topping can also be used to add accents in any room of your choice. Irrespective of the design you choose, we ensure our microtopped surfaces will last for years. Got a floor filled with cracks & crevices?

Well say goodbye to them once and for all. Get an easy micro-topping solution done under the supervision of the best flooring experts and get massive benefits now.

Versatile Design Options

What are the Benefits of Getting Concrete micro-topping in Long Island?

The best thing about having a concrete micro-topping floor is that it can work with any residential or commercial floor type. It can easily blend in with your existing home or commercial decor. As we have discussed about its durability and longevity earlier, here are some other reasons why you should consider getting concrete micro-topping in Long Island.

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Why Choose PEC Floors for Concrete micro-topping in Long Island?

PEC Floors is one of the leading names in the flooring industry operating in the heart of NY. We bring our clients only the highest quality micro topping concrete solutions that adds everlasting durability to their floors & a marvelous aesthetic appeal. To get one, you just need to have a chat with one of our customer representatives and they will take you through the entire micro-topping process. micro-topping isn’t only our forte, but we also offer concrete resurfacing & high quality stamped concrete based on our customer’s preference. Hire a highly trained team of experts to help you put together the best affordable flooring solution. Call now or visit us online to make your homes & offices appear beautiful.

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