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PEC Floors - Need a Terrazzo Flooring for Your Residential or Commercial Property?

Whether you want a terrazzo floor in your home or your commercial building, our professional terrazzo floor installation company can give you the perfect flooring of your dreams. We specialize in installing all types of terrazzo floors, from classic marble terrazzo to the latest in epoxy terrazzo. Our experienced team can help you choose the perfect flooring to match your needs and budget.

We use only the highest quality materials to build terrazzo floors that will last for many years. When it comes to building terrazzo floors, we offer you free estimates and a full warranty on all our terrazzo floors services in New Jersey. Do you have questions on the type of terrazzo floor that you wish to install at your property? We offer free estimates and a full warranty on all of our terrazzo floors.

We look forward to helping you create the perfect flooring for your home or commercial property.

Durable And Elegant

What Are the Benefits of Installing Terrazzo Floors at Your Property?

Durability: Terrazzo floors are highly durable and can easily withstand heavy foot traffic. It makes them an ideal choice for almost all residential and commercial properties.

Low maintenance: Terrazzo floors require significantly less maintenance and you can easily clean these floors using a damp mop or a cloth and a cleaner.

Stylish: Our experts can install Terrazzo floors available in a variety of patterns and colors. Let us create a unique and stylish looking floor design for your respective property.

Eco-friendly: All our terrazzo floor designs are made up of natural material. They are a sustainable choice which can help lower your carbon footprint.

Cost effective: Terrazzo floors are an inexpensive flooring option which makes them a reasonable choice for many residential & commercial customers.


What Type of Terrazzo Flooring Services Does PEC Floor Offers in New Jersey?

Terrazzo Polishing

With the passage of time, terrazzo floors can lose its sheen. If your terrazzo floor is developing discoloration and is losing its beauty, it's time to add a new layer of polish. Our professionals use advanced polishing tools & techniques to polish up the surface.

Terrazzo Sealing

Is your terrazzo floor accumulating dust, grime & dirt? If the surface has stubborn marks & stains that don't wash off easily, then get a fresh coat of terrazzo sealing services from our professional floor installers and get a fresh new look for your terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo Restoration

Has your terrazzo become old & worn out? Has it been covered with carpeting & hardwood board? Time to call in PEC Floors to restore your old terrazzo floor to a brand new one. Hire our professionals for a complete terrazzo restoration service in NJ.

Terrazzo Maintenance

We also provide a complete terrazzo maintenance package. There are many places with high traffic such as banks, grocery stores, schools & hospitals which have a terrazzo flooring and can develop cracks and potholes. Call PEC Floors for maintenance.

Expert Terrazzo Mastery

Why Trust PEC Floors for Installation of Terrazzo Floors in New Jersey?

PEC Floors is a leading terrazzo floor installation company in New Jersey. Our skilled professionals are trained in installing any terrazzo floor type and have years of experience within the industry. We offer multiple services like custom design, installation, restoration and maintenance services for terrazzo floors of all kinds. To make terrazzo floors appear fresh and new, our professionals use the best techniques and ensure to deliver a job well done. A correctly installed terrazzo floor gives a beautiful final product which is durable & long lasting.

Searching for a licensed and insured floor installation service in NYC? Rest assured that your terrazzo floor is in good hands.

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Terrazzo floors are the perfect choice for New Jersey home and office buildings. They create a perfectly unique and attractive look that gives your home an architectural advantage. Terrazzo floors are not only stylish, but are also very durable and can be used in a variety of settings, especially high-traffic areas.

Terrazzo floors require fairly less maintenance & can easily last for many years. If properly taken care of, these floors can have a life of up to 15-20 years and even more.

Most terrazzo floors are formed by pouring a mixture of marble chips, quartz, cement and other materials on a substrate such as the concrete. The mixture is then leveled & smoothed using a high-end polish to leave a strong shine on the surface. In many cases, a surface sealer is applied to add protection to the flooring from stains & wears.

  • Clean the surface to remove dirt & debris from it
  • Now mop the floor with a neutral pH clean & warm water
  • Apply a sealer to the floor every one to three years, when & if needed
  • Regrind the floor every 5-7 years to remove stubborn scratches
  • Install doormates on all entrances and reduce the amount of dirt & debris
  • Install rugs in high traffic areas and protect the floor from damage
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on the floor