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Get the Best Floor Polishing in New York & New Jersey

Are you interested in finding a cost-effective way to upgrade the concrete floors at your commercial and residential premises? Get a premium quality high-gloss floor polishing service to make your floors new.

Redecorate your concrete floor by getting a premium class concrete floor polishing and beautify your entire space.


Add Lustrous Feel to Your Residential Floors

Are your home floors getting old and worn-out? Are there spots & cracks appearing on them? If your home concrete floors are getting out of shape, it’s time you hire one of our professional concrete polishing services in New York and New Jersey. We are a team of certified concrete floor polishing individuals who have ample experience in making all kinds of concrete floors remarkably lush. Are rugged edges becoming a nuisance? Do you want to fill cracks or remove spots from your concrete floors? It’s best you hire one of our trained concrete floor polishing in NYC experts now.

Tired of dealing with rough concrete floors at home? How about you hire our residential floor polishing service to provide you the best concrete floor polishing in NY & NJ at an affordable price.


Get Commercial Floors Renewed with our Concrete Floor Polishing

We provide professional floor polishing service to all commercial facilities all across New York and New Jersey state. We specialize in grinding and polishing concrete floors in warehouses, industrial locations, commercial workplaces and other similar facilities. Our flooring specialists are highly experienced when it comes to concrete floor polishing. We not only grind them, but we also apply a coat of polish afterwards to enhance the look and feel of your commercial space floors. A floor polishing service done by us can ensure that it can easily withstand heavy duty traffic, avoid discoloration, does not succumb to water absorption or getting potentially damaged by any kind of substances. Need a professional hand to make the floors at your commercial workspace standout from the rest?


Need Coating Removals or Concrete Overlays?

Whether your floor requires concrete overlays or the polish on your existing floors have significantly faded, our professional flooring services can polish your concrete using a multi-step process. Our certified specialists first ground and hone your floor to make the surface ultimately smooth. Once, we have achieved the required level of smoothness, we then apply bonded abrasives to seal the floor off. The abrasive ensures that no external contaminants, liquid or air can enter into the floor to cause damage. Our floor polishing experts only use the most progressive grinding tools and the best floor shiners. Are you in need of a flooring solution at your commercial or residential locations? Make the call.


We Also Offer Epoxy Floor Coating

Not satisfied with the current look and feel of the floors at your premises? How about you get epoxy floor coating done at your location. Get your concrete floor polished with epoxy to seal it off permanently. At the same time, give your floors a new and improved look.

PEC Floors takes pride in delivering high quality epoxy floor coating at the best affordable price. PEC Floors understands your needs and concerns as a client which is why we work towards minimizing the hassle of going through the whole process. Have any concerns or want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be more than happy to assist!

Need a skilled hand to give your concrete floors an absolute new look and feel? Call PEC Floors now.