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Self Leveling Concrete

Get Long Lasting Self Leveling Concrete Floors in NY & NJ

Now transform your old beat-up looking concrete floor into a completely new one with our professional self-leveling service in New York & New Jersey. Let us help you add a mesmerizing aesthetic appeal to your floors.


Get Best Self-Leveling Concrete in NY & NJ

Have your concrete floors become rugged & craggy or developed a pitted surface? Tearing up the entire floor and getting it redone can be time-consuming and costly. Suppose you don’t want to go through the laborious process of hiring contractors and closing off your residential or commercial premises for days for a complete floor remodel. In that case, PEC Floors can add strong adhesion to your floors with our highly resistant and corrosion free self-leveling concrete.


Add Moisture Protection to Your Floors with Underlayment's

The outside weather can be harsh and there’s always a chance of somebody making a spill on your floor. If you want to make sure your concrete below the lamination does not succumb to moisture trap, then get your concrete floor the perfect underlayment solution. An underlayment is a form of topping that fixes all unnecessary imperfections within the concrete substrate before you can add floor coverings such as tile, carpet, vinyl, hardwood board or other concrete/floor laminations.

The underlayments which we add to your floors at PEC Floors can vary in depth. It can easily range from a feather-edge and can easily go up to 2-3 inches in depth depending on the condition of the floor. Underlayments are necessary to protect the underneath concrete of your premises. Underlayment ensures your floor is safe and secure from all kinds of external contaminations. Now add the perfect moisture & heat protection to prolong the life of your concrete with our underlayment’s.


We Provide Self-Leveling Overlayments in NY and NJ

Are you searching for a flooring company in New York or New Jersey to add the perfect epoxy or give your floor surface a shiny and lustrous polished finishing? How about you first add an overlay of concrete to make your floor surface smooth. With our overlayment concrete topping, create a smooth floor surface to add the epoxy patterns & textures of your choice. PEC Floors can provide you the best concrete overlays that will add maximum durability and compressive strength to your floors.

Our NY based self-leveling experts ensure to add at least 2-3 inches deep self-leveling concrete overlay spread on your rugged concrete floor making it blemish free and spotless. No matter how pitted or rugged your concrete floor looks, our professionals can ensure your floors become extra smooth and well polished. When it comes to concrete overlaying, we have numerous types of overlays for a variety of concrete floors. Contact our floor experts and we will provide you with the best overlay.


Hire our Certified Self-Leveling Experts in New York & New Jersey Now

Seeking quality workmanship under the supervision of certified self-leveling concrete experts in New York & New Jersey? Look no further than PEC Floors, who employ modern techniques & the best tools. We are certified installers equipped with the best quality self leveling products. From surface preparation to final surface finishing, our floor experts can handle it all without breaking a sweat.

Want to add the perfect protective layer to your rugged concrete? self-leveling concrete is an excellent material. However, when it comes to leveling floors, not every person has the most skillful hand. Our certified floor experts at PEC Floors have years of experience in making the cement perfectly settle on your floors. We have skilled labor who have extensive experience of working in both residential and commercial settings.

We have the right tools, workforce, and logistics to add the perfect appeal to your uneven floors. Need professional self-leveling concrete service in NY & NJ?