Venetian Plaster Installation in New Jersey

Get High Quality Venetian Plaster Installed at Your Residence

Venetian plasters, most commonly known as marble plasters, are one-of-a-kind polished plaster surfaces which are made by combining lime putty, marble dust, and natural pigments.


Venetian Plaster Installation in New Jersey

If you want to give your walls & ceilings a real glossy finish, nothing serves the purpose more accurately than Venetian plasters. They are quite the perfect decor for your home’s modern architecture which makes them a favorable option for most contemporary design buildings. 

Venetian plasters, quite popularly known as marble plasters are a specific type of polished plaster surface that you get after combining lime putty and marble dust.

When installed under the supervision of a professional, they bring the maximum allure to your home. Although the installation of Venetian plaster can be a bit expensive when done by a professional, it is worth it because they are reliable, slip-resistant, moisture-free & have zero algae or mold growth potential. 

The glossy high-end sheen on the walls is something that would be hard to achieve with any other material.

We bring some of the most popular Venetian plastering styles in New Jersey for our customers.



Adds Luxury

The smooth, sleek, reflective surface of Venetian plaster is the definition of luxury. It can make any room in your New Jersey home feel aesthetically remarkable.

Great for Any Space

You can install Venetian plasters in your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or any other space in your home. It just brings maximum appeal in every premises.

Non-Toxic Products

A good thing about Venetian plasters is that they are made of slaked lime & other natural materials. The product is eco-friendly and does give off gas like regular paint.


You can customize the color, texture, and design of Venetian plaster to suit your home’s aesthetic. There are several approaches our professionals can take.


Venetian plaster is a very durable material. Once installed, be rest assured that the Venetian plaster installed in your New Jersey home can last for almost a decade.

Regulates Humidity

Venetian plaster is a breathable material. It helps regulate the humidity in your New Jersey home, making it more comfortable to live in. The reflective surface of Venetian plaster can make small imperfections less noticeable.

Expert Venetian Plaster

Why Opt-In for PEC Floors for Venetian Plasters?

When it comes to Venetian plaster installation in New Jersey, PEC Floors is the name you can trust. We understand that your home is your safe space and you want it to look perfect from every angle. PEC Floors has a team of highly-skilled professionals who know the ins and outs of Venetian plaster installation. We have completed several projects and have many happy clients to our name. Here are some reasons why you should consider us for Venetian plaster installation:

Now get maximum appeal & luxury in your home by opting for PEC Floors Venetian plaster installation in New Jersey.

Now get maximum appeal & luxury in your home by opting for PEC Floors Venetian plaster installation in New Jersey.

Customized Venetian Plaster Solutions

Need Venetian Plaster Restoration? Call our Professionals at PEC Floors

Does your property have an old Venetian plaster that’s deteriorating over time? Do you wish to get your walls re-plastered? At PEC Floors, we can fix cracks, crevices & holes. Our teams can resolve other damages caused to your Venetian plaster and make it look as good as new. 

We are a team of professional plasterers who can promptly complete the restoration process as quickly as possible. Our Venetian plasters are built to last for years. Our products can add reinforced strength, durability, and a touch of luxury to your property in New Jersey.



Yes, the products which we use in Venetian plasters are toxic-free. Our synthetic plasters have extremely low emissions. The type of product which we install meets the best environmental standards which make them a healthier option for you & your family altogether.

Yes, we cater to all kinds of customization requests. You can get in touch with our team to know more about the design, texture, and color options. Our team will be more than happy to help you out.

The installation process usually takes us 2-3 days. It can take more time if we are working on a large project.

Venetian plaster is an authentic Italian plaster which can easily be installed on a variety of surfaces. You can easily apply them on new or existing brick walls, wood, concrete board, drywall or even fireplace surroundings. They can easily be installed on columns, ceilings, and other architectural parts of your residence. Venetian plasters are a wonderful choice for smoother surfaces, may it be residential or commercial.