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They are the perfect choice for architects and interior designers. Terrazzo floors are ideal for hotels, municipalities building lobbies and other commercial settings.


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Enhance Your Brooklyn Home with Unique Terrazzo Flooring

PEC Floors is a professional epoxy coating & floor installation service delivering flooring services across the New York & New Jersey regions. We have a team of certified floor installers with years of experience in making floors exactly the way our customer’s require.

While there are plenty of flooring options for you to choose from, our Terrazzo floors are one of a kind as they stand out in beauty & aesthetics. We have a wide range of Terrazzo floor options like the cementitious Terrazzo floors, epoxy Terrazzo floors, & Precast Terrazzo floors.

Not only are our floor installers good at installing the floors, but they also apply sealcoating & ensure your floors are permanently secured for the long run. Now add value & style to your Brooklyn home and make it stand out with a custom designed Terrazzo flooring in Brooklyn of your choice.

Expert Terrazzo Flooring in Brooklyn

Does Your Terrazzo Flooring in Brooklyn Require Restoration?

Terrazzo floors have enormous practical use as flooring in Brooklyn commercial properties. Places which experience constant high traffic and where the floor is supposed to withstand high loads of people movement, Terrazzo floors serve the purpose most effectively. 

However, like any other floor type, Terrazzo floors can also experience a loss in appearance, may become faded or develop cracks & chips overtime.

If your Terrazzo floors are experiencing any of the following, then it’s best to hire a professional team like ours to help you with your floor restoration in Brooklyn. 

At PEC Floors, we can help you restore your old Terrazzo floor by transforming it into a brand new one. We will work with you closely to bring back the sheen of your Terrazzo floors and make it more attractive in appearance.

We can also renovate your floor with new custom designs of your choice by taking apart the old flooring & replacing it with a brand new one.

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Durable and Low-Maintenance Solution

Why are Terrazzo Floors a Great Choice for Customers?

Terrazzo floors are a favored choice among customers because it brings a luxurious appeal to your home & commercial property. These floor types have a long life compared to other flooring options available in the stylish categories. Based on how it is formed, it offers a long-lasting durability and can easily withstand a lot of foot traffic.

These floors are a unique blend of different materials like granite, glass, quartz and marble which altogether adds an eye-catching appeal to your interior design. 

At PEC Floors, we can carefully outsource the right materials to match your existing interior decor color scheme and give your home a timeless appeal. Another great benefit of having a Terrazzo flooring at your home is that it’s very easy to clean. Even the toughest stains can be removed with a simple mop job. 


Our Services

Terrazzo Polishing

With the passage of time, Terrazzo floors can often develop discoloration. If you want to breathe new life to your Terrazzo floors, our floor installation experts in Brooklyn can restore your terrazzo floor back to its original condition by applying a fresh coat.

Terrazzo Sealing

As more and more people access through your location, the Terrazzo floor in your house is susceptible to absorbing dirt, grime and other harmful allergens. Some of these stains can become permanent; but with terrazzo sealing, you may never have to think twice.

Terrazzo Restoration

Is your terrazzo floor beyond repair? Floor installers at PEC Floors can restore your flooring. Whether it was covered under a carpet or a hardwood flooring, our teams can revitalize your old terrazzo floor and bring back its everlasting beauty & durability.

Terrazzo Maintenance

With terrazzo floors exposed to heavy foot-traffic areas such as schools, banks, grocery stores or hospitals, they may require frequent maintenance to make them appear fresh. At PEC Floors, we have customized maintenance plans to keep floors in the best shape.

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Why Trust PEC Floors for Terrazzo Floors Services in Brooklyn?

When it comes to Terrazzo floors, PEC Floors is committed to delivering excellent craftsmanship. We understand the unique requirements of our clients & customers & create the perfect floor type as per their unique specifications, taste & style. 

We understand the custom preferences and outsource materials from the top suppliers in the market. By creating a unique blend of Terrazzo that will appeal to you, we leave behind an architectural beauty that sets your property a class apart. When you hire us for the job, let us assure you that you will never have to think about hiring any other flooring company in Brooklyn. 

We offer solutions that are accurate, precise & noteworthy. Need a hand with your Terrazzo floors in Brooklyn?



Terrazzo floors are a durable floor type which requires fairly less maintenance compared to many other flooring options in the market. They have a unique appeal which makes them interesting for passersby and visitors. These floorings can easily handle heavy foot traffic and do not get affected much when exposed to harsh weather conditions. They are also not very costly which makes them a budget-friendly flooring option. Our floor installation experts in Brooklyn can set the floor type in different colors & patterns to match your style.

Terrazzo flooring installation involves carefully preparing the surface, mixing the chips and binding material, and then pouring it onto the subfloor or concrete base. Once it is level, the installation is left to cure before being polished to a smooth and glossy finish. The process requires skill and precision to achieve the desired aesthetic, making it best suited to professional installers.

Terrazzo flooring is a beautiful and durable option for any home or commercial space. The cleaning process starts with applying an eco-friendly cleaner to the floor. After a few minutes, you can use a mop to clean the surface from unwanted dirt & grime making it appear fresh and nice. If your floor requires resealing, our team is available to provide you with the best solutions. Just make sure that when you’re applying a cleaner, it shouldn’t be made up of harsh chemicals or abrasives. Such items can damage the flooring and you certainly don’t want that!

On average, a Terrazzo floor can easily last as long as 10 to 15 years. However, it depends on how properly you have kept the floor maintained. The type of cleaning agents which you’re using and the quality of material of the terrazzo floors, all come into play. Also, there are other factors such as how many people are walking around at your premises and how carefully the surface has been maintained, all these factors play a significant role in suggesting how long the flooring will last for your Brooklyn property.