Venetian Plaster Installation in Long Island

Get High Quality Venetian Plaster Installed at Your Residence

Venetian plasters, most commonly known as marble plasters, are one-of-a-kind polished plaster surfaces which are made by combining lime putty, marble dust, and natural pigments.

Elevate Your Space

Venetian Plaster Installation in Long Island

Venetian plasters, also known as the marble plasters are a special type of polished plaster surface which is prepared by combining the lime putty and marble dust. It adds the perfect glossy finish to your walls & ceilings giving your architecture a stunning impact. They are reliably most effective and are a great decorative piece.

When installed, they enhance the overall appeal of the residential & commercial property. People often prefer to combine venetian plasters with acrylic plaster surfaces to create a rock-hard, deeply textured and smooth-like finished surface. Besides, the glossy high-end sheen of the surface is what makes it a great option for contemporary style homes in Long Island.

If you’re looking to add the perfect finishing to your walls & ceilings, get venetian plaster installation in Long Island for a reasonably affordable price tag.


Benefits of Installing Venetian Plaster in Long Island

Luxurious Appeal

Giving your home or office walls a marble-like finish with Venetian plaster will make them look luxurious. The level of sophistication and richness that this product offers gives an exceptional feel like no other.

Great for Any Space

They can be applied to any room of your house; may it be a bathroom, kitchen or living space. Venetian plasters are the perfect option for not only residential properties but also commercial ones.

Non-Toxic Products

Venetian plasters are commonly made from slaked lime and other natural materials. As a result, they are eco-friendly and don't use off-gas like regular paints. They are also mold & algae-resistant which makes them much better.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike regular paints, Venetian plaster doesn’t require regular touch-ups. It is easy to maintain and only needs to be cleaned with a damp cloth. You can simply wipe away any dirt or debris that might have gathered on the surface.

Hides Imperfections

If your wall has imperfections, Venetian plaster easily hides any imperfections on your walls & ceilings. It can be used to cover minor cracks, dents & other such surface flaws.

Regulates Humidity

Being a natural product, lime-based Venetian plaster helps regulate the humidity in your space. This is extremely beneficial for people who live in areas where there's a huge temperature difference.

Artistry in Motion

How Do PEC Floors Apply Venetian Plaster in Long Island?

PEC Flooring’s Venetian plaster application process is as follows: we first prep the surface, then use a primer and base coat. After the base coat, we apply plaster on the surface. The process typically starts with applying a color coat which is then followed by a plaster coat. Once applied and dried we sand it down using different grades of sandpaper. As soon as the smoothness is achieved, a final coat of plaster is applied. We use a trowel to create a smooth glossy finish on the polished surface.

Do you want to hire an experienced team of professionals to apply a Venetian plaster coat on your walls & ceilings? Call our Venetian Plaster experts any time in Long Island.


Why Choose PEC Floors for Installing Venetian Plaster?

We amalgamate different design elements and use a range of colors to enhance the interior experience of your home with Venetian plaster. At PEC Floors, we have options available in a wide range of hues. With our hand-troweled Venetian plaster, you get a one-of-a-kind unique floor which can last for more than a decade. When it comes to Venetian plasters, our teams can create elegant & appealing floors for all types of residential & commercial properties.

Let us decorate & give your floors the charm it deserves.



Yes, the type of Venetian plasters we apply on your walls & ceilings is VOC-free. They are synthetic plasters with extremely low emissions. They meet the European environmental standard which makes them a much healthier choice for you & your family.

The type of Venetian plasters which we install at your premises is one of a kind. We create custom colors by adding tints to the plaster. This way we can achieve any color that you desire for your space. Venetian plasters are great for creating unique, stylish, & modern interiors. At PEC Floors, we can do that and much more.

If installed correctly, the average lifespan of Venetian plaster is around 5-10 years. However, with regular maintenance, the life of Venetian plasters can extend up to 15 years or even more.

Venetian plaster is an authentic Italian plaster which works perfectly with different types of wall finishes. They are a great application for new or existing drywall, bricks, wood, concrete board or fireplace surroundings. You can also install them on columns, interior walls, ceilings and other architectural parts of your home.