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The Best Concrete Grinding And Sealing For You In Long Island, New York

Do your concrete floors look dull and worn-out? Are you looking for an economical and time-saving solution to turn those old and rough concrete floors into new and glossy? Look no further. PEC Floors provides the best concrete grinding and sealing in Long Island, New York to give your old floors a new life.
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Let There Be Shine With Our Concrete Grinding & Sealing in Long Island, NY

Like everything else, concrete floors also wear down, albeit being hard. They can get rough, broken, or even have cracks and holes in them over time, especially in high-traffic areas like warehouses, hospitals, restaurants, etc. These cracks and rough concrete surfaces don’t only look bad but they also decrease the life of your floors. 

What if we tell you there’s a way where you can make your worn-out coarse floors shiny and new while saving time and money? PEC Floors offers the finest concrete grinding and sealing in Long Island, New York to give your old floors a smooth and glossy look. 

Our trained workers are equipped with heavy-duty grinders and the highest-quality sealers to grind and seal your concrete floors and give them a new look in no time.


Enhance Floor Longevity With Concrete Grinding And Sealing In Brooklyn, NY

With time, especially in high-traffic areas, the concrete floors can become dull and rough. This not only gives a negative look to your floors but also weakens them. The result is softening, cracking, or even breaking and chipping-off your concrete floors. Safe to say, it’s not just about the sheeny floor look – concrete grinding and sealing increase the life of your floors. PEC Floors provide you with the best concrete grinding and sealing so your floors look shiny while enhancing your floor longevity.

Glossy finish to your concrete floors. At, PEC Floors, we apply only the top-of-the-line sealers to your floors so your floors get the maximum shine and durability.

In only four easy steps of concrete grinding and sealing, PEC Floors can give you your desired satiny finish in less cost and time as compared to epoxy flooring and concrete floor polishing anywhere in Long Island, New York.

Modern Look for Your Floors

Save Time And Money With Concrete Grinding And Sealing In Long Island, NY

When we talk about floor shine, there are several ways you can achieve that like concrete floor polishing, epoxy flooring, and concrete grinding and sealing. These floor-shining options differ from one another based on the process, material, time, cost, and longevity. It’s the different materials and processes involved that bring the shine to your concrete floors in different ways. Each option has its benefits and ultimately depends on your budget and needs. 

Epoxy floors and concrete floor polishing will give you a long-lasting shine. But since both require a lot of grinding and, epoxy and floor polish are more expensive than sealers, it can cost you a fortune and the processes can take a lot of time. Whereas, if you’re looking to save time and money, then concrete grinding and sealing is the way to go. 

At PEC Floors, our expert workers can help you choose and provide the best option for you based on your requirements and affordability in Long Island, New York. Call us now to get a quote.


How We Grind And Seal Your Concrete Floors In Long Island?

The concrete grinding and sealing is a four-step process by which we make your floors smooth and give them your desired glossy finish in Long Island, New York.
Step 1: Grinding
We start the process by cleaning your floors to prepare them for grinding. We have heavy-duty grinders as well as hand grinders to smooth out every nook and cranny of your concrete floors.
Step 2: Filling And Re-grinding
Next, we look for holes, cracks, and chipped-off surfaces. If we find any, we mend the affected area and grind your floors again to give them even a smoother and uniform surface. Afterward, we clean your floors again to remove the excessive filling and debris resulting from grinding.
Step 3: Dyeing
This step is optional. You don’t necessarily need to dye your concrete floors as the original polished concrete look has been quite in for the past few years. But if you want, you can choose a color for your floors. At this point, PEC Floors will add the best-quality colors of your choice for you to give your floors the desired look.
Step 4: Sealing
Once your floor has been through grinding and looks smooth, it’s time for the final step of the process; sealing. The sealer is applied uniformly to your floor so it’s evenly spread out. Sealers are responsible for providing a glossy finish to your concrete floors. At, PEC Floors, we apply only the top-of-the-line sealers to your floors so your floors get the maximum shine and durability.