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If your concrete floors look dull and shabby and if you’re looking to give them a make-over in an inexpensive way, then you’ve reached the right place. PEC Floors can give your old concrete floors a glossy finish in no time anywhere in New Jersey.
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Shine Your Floors With Concrete Grinding And Sealing in New Jersey

Whether it’s a restaurant, hospital, warehouse, or cinema, etc, your concrete floors can get worn-out after some time. They can become rough and dull, and can even have cracks in them. It is important to look after your floors to prevent them from not only looking bad but also to make them safe. There are several ways to make your floors shiny. But if you’re looking to go for one that would cost you the least money and time, then concrete grinding and sealing is the best choice. 

PEC Floors provides you with high-quality concrete grinding and sealing anywhere in New Jersey. Just give us a call and our trained staff will make your old floors shine like glass.


Process of Concrete Grinding And Sealing In New Jersey

To ensure the highest-quality concrete grinding and sealing in New Jersey, PEC Floors carries out the process in several steps. First, we clean your concrete floors to remove dust and then grind them using our heavy-duty grinders. Once the floor is smooth, we fill any cracks or holes we can find. Then we use our grinders to grind your floor again to remove the unwanted filler and thoroughly clean the floor again to get rid of any other impurity. 

You can already notice your floor looking much cleaner and smoother. We can add a dye to your concrete floor to add color and design if you want, otherwise, we move to the final step; sealing. Your floor is smooth and ready for a sealer which will give your floor the gloss and shine you need. 

At PEC Floors, we use only the best quality sealers to not only give your floors the desired gloss but also to prevent contaminants from seeping into your floors. 

If you want our professional team to grind and seal your concrete floors in New Jersey, then give us a call and we will turn your old floors into new ones.

Concrete Grinding & Sealing in NJ

What Makes Concrete Grinding And Sealing Effective In NJ?

There are several ways you can use to give your floors a glossy look like concrete floor polishing, epoxy flooring, etc. The shine comes from the different products and the processes used in each of these ways. Both concrete floor polishing and epoxy flooring require many rounds of concrete grinding with different grits. 

Furthermore, polish and epoxy don’t come cheap. Yes, both these options would give your floors a long-lasting shine but both require a lot of time and money. What makes concrete grinding and sealing so effective is that it doesn’t require a lot of grinding. And the sealers are comparative much less expensive than concrete floor polishing and epoxy

Eventually, it depends on how much time and money you’re willing to bear. If you’re looking for a floor-shining solution that consumes less time and money, then we recommend concrete grinding and sealing. 

PEC Floors can provide you with such high-level concrete grinding and sealing in New Jersey, even professionals might have trouble telling the difference between polished floors and yours.

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Why Choose PEC Floors To Grind And Seal Your Concrete Floors In NJ?

Here’s what makes PEC Floors the best concrete grinding and sealing option in New Jersey
At PEC Floors, we aim to provide the best concrete grinding and sealing at affordable prices anywhere in New Jersey.