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Epoxy Floor Coating

Get Long Lasting & Durable Epoxy Floors with Us

Are you tired of old & worn out floors? Well not anymore. Call our professional epoxy floor coating service in New York & New Jersey. Let’s give your floors a shiny & lustrous appeal where we add a premium quality epoxy coat to your floors.

Long-Term Protection

Make Floors Highly Durable & Heat Resistant with Epoxy Floor Coating in NY & NJ

Epoxy is a cured end product of epoxy resins which when applied to your floors give it a shiny lustrous look. It’s not just the look for which it is highly favored, but it also adds high thermal resistance and strong chemical resistance making your floor safe from absorbing heat and contaminants. With these properties, your concrete or tiled floor becomes not just shiny and lustrous, but also extra strong and well protected. 

Now get a highly durable and aesthetically appealing epoxy coated floor that can last up to 15-20 years for any commercial workplace with heavy traffic.

Extreme Durability

A Wide Range of Epoxy Floor Coating in NY & NJ

When it comes to decorating your floor with epoxy coats, we have a wide range of applications for you to choose from. You can get your floors epoxy coated in,

Reliable Expertise in Epoxy Coatings

A Trusted Epoxy Floor Coating Service in New York & New Jersey

At PEC Floors, we believe in serving our customers with premium quality service. It’s why our talented and certified individuals perform the best job at your location. Whether you want epoxy flooring at your personal residence or you want one at a commercial facility, our epoxy floor coating specialists can provide you with the highest precision job. 

Allow us to work our magic on your concrete floors to make them aesthetically beautiful. 

We can add a long-lasting lustre to your floors giving them a remarkable look and feel. Decorate your concrete floor with a beautiful design with our professional epoxy flooring service.

Proven Track Record

Why Should You Consider Epoxy Flooring in NY and NJ?

Floors are often made of bare concrete and have a rough surface. With the passage of time, this concrete can easily succumb to wear and tear and can easily get damaged over time. If your floor starts to look tired and worn out, it sends a very bad impression to your visitors. 

When you plan on investing your funds in getting an epoxy floor coating in NY & NJ for your property, it will not only make your floors attractive & appealing but also make them highly durable. 

Why are we a great option for epoxy floor coating? It’s because we don’t use basic paints to add layers of protection to your floor; we only use high-quality epoxy and epoxy hardeners to make them fancy for your homes and offices alike.

What are the Benefits of Getting an Epoxy Floor Coating?

Seals Concrete Permanently

Epoxy flooring perfectly blends in with the floor and seals it completely from external harmful contaminants. Unlike normal paint jobs where peels can easily come off, epoxy floor coating provides strong adhesion permanently sealing off the floor making sure no water or air can get underneath the adhesion. Give your floors a long-lasting protection with our epoxy flooring service now.

Makes Floor Stain Resistant

Most paint jobs can easily get damaged when they are exposed to UV light but not epoxy flooring. When you opt-in for an epoxy flooring surface, then you can rest easy because UV light exposure will not dim or fade the epoxy surface. The non-porous epoxy finish will not allow any liquid to create stains so just in case if something spills, all you have to do is wipe the area to clean it up.

Easy Maintenance & Care

The epoxy flooring comes with a waterproof finishing and at PEC Floors, we use durable water repellent (DWR) of the premium quality. Unlike paints that peel off, tiles that break away and concrete that becomes rugged, our epoxy flooring does not succumb to environmental degradations. You don’t have to spend time scrubbing it with grease or other concrete cleaners.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

Searching for Affordable Epoxy Flooring in New York & New Jersey?

Do you want the right affordable option to add a layer of epoxy on your floors anywhere in New York & New Jersey? Hire our floor experts to add a layer of high-end protection to your residential and commercial floors. Epoxy floor coating is a cost-effective solution to add an aesthetic appeal to your facility. 

It’s the best flooring option for garages, basements, corridors, and meeting rooms. It forms an iron-like bond with your concrete floor giving it an absolute protective layer and can easily handle the weight of a car.

Searching for an epoxy floor coating specialist in New York or New Jersey at the right price?