Venetian Plaster Installation in Brooklyn NY

Get High Quality Venetian Plaster Installed at Your Residence

Venetian plasters, most commonly known as marble plasters, are one-of-a-kind polished plaster surfaces which are made by combining lime putty, marble dust, and natural pigments.

Brooklyn Style

Venetian Plaster Installation in Brooklyn NY

Are you interested in giving your walls & ceilings a glossy appearance? Venetian plaster is the way to go. Our teams can install Venetian plasters which are masterfully mixed & troweled to give your walls a smooth texture. Venetian plaster can also be used on wood, metal, and concrete surfaces to create a unique look. PEC Floors is the best company for Venetian plaster installation in Brooklyn NY.

Are you looking for a traditional or modern-looking Venetian plaster for your home or commercial property? We can satisfy your criteria & offer you the perfect delicacy.


What Are the Benefits of Installing Venetian Plasters?

Add More Luxury

Venetian plasters can add more luxury to your residential & commercial property. They can bring a sleek and reflective surface giving a deep definition to any room in your home.

Fits in Every Space

Venetian plaster can add maximum appeal in every premise may it be your living room, bathroom, kitchen or any other part of your house. If you want high-end appeal, Venetian plasters are the way to go.


Venetian plasters are made with natural elements and do not create toxicity such as lead poisoning and similar experiences. They give your home an attractive appearance, the one your home deserves.

Require Less Maintenance

Unlike other wall decorations, Venetian plaster requires less maintenance. Once installed, you will require fairly less maintenance as compared to other wall treatments.

Highly Durable

They are highly durable and can stand the test of time. Whether it's harsh weather conditions, high-traffic areas or any other type of wear & tear, Venetian plasters can last for a decade or more.

Keep Humidity at Bay

Venetian plasters can help regulate your home's humidity most effectively. They can make your Brooklyn homes more comfortable by mitigating imperfections and making them visibly amazing.

If you’re looking to install Venetian plasters in your home, PEC Floors is the perfect company for the job! We have a team of experts who have installed these plasters in many locations.

Interiors Luxury

Create a Richer Interior Experience with Venetian Plaster in Brooklyn NY

Our team at PEC Floors use a range of colors and surface finishing options to give your residential & commercial properties an architectural plaster finish that’s eye-captivating & mesmerizing. We have an extensive collection ranging from urban to edgy which can give your property elegantly minimal, custom-coloured, and hand-troweled Venetian plasters to fit any sized wall. We construct walls that are rich with a lively surface which adds a more personal touch to rooms.


Venetian plasters are not only created to give your residence a marble-like appearance but also imitate features of concrete and stone walls just as much, setting it a class apart.

Artistry on Walls

What Are Venetian Plasters?

Venetian plasters are special design marble plasters which are commonly made with the amalgamation of marble dust with lime. Romans used to install Venetian plasters as much as up to ten layers and the plaster would eventually create a perfectly smooth touch. The Venetian plaster is known for its endurance in harsh weather conditions and can easily be repaired.

With a decorated colored plaster finish, the Venetian plasters became a treasure trove for the artisans of that era and were popularly used in many prestigious buildings.

Best In The Market

Why Venetian Plasters Are Perfect for Brooklyn Homes?

Venetian plasters have become the most recommended decorative finish for most Brooklyn homes because of the presence of lime within their composition. Lime which is well known for its antibacterial properties ensures that your home does not experience any form of mold or mildew development. It is what makes Venetian plaster an eco-friendly paint material that can last for almost a decade. Depending on the fine grid of the marble dust, the material of the plaster is unique and its application gives a glass-like finish with depth and detail.

At PEC Floors, we offer Venetian plaster finishing in different matte finishes, distressed & rough textures. They are the perfect option for contemporary design buildings.