Bringing the Best Self-Leveling Concrete Solution in Brooklyn NY

Is your concrete floor coming apart? Do you see concrete crumbling off the floors leaving behind rugged and pitted surfaces? One way to resolve this problem is by getting the entire concrete floor remodeled. By doing so, you may get an absolute floor, but the process can take up a lot of time and your finances. If you’re on a budget and you still want to get the best looking floors in Brooklyn, then getting a professional self-leveling concrete solution for your floors is definitely not a bad option. At PEC Floors, we can add powerful adhesions ensuring your concrete comes out stain-resistant, shiny & lustrous.


Make Your Floors Contaminant-Free with Underlayment’s

Concrete often erodes because of the harsh weather conditions. Continuous exposure to moisture and other external contaminants can often make the integrity of the concrete weak. As a result, the concrete in places starts eroding, leaving pitted holes in places. If you are planning to get hardwood, tiled, or vinyl-based flooring at your premises, it is essential that your concrete beneath the floor surface is well protected. Just in case if the concrete succumbs to a moisture trap, it can often lead to the deterioration of the entire flooring, making it weak in several spots.

At PEC Floors, our professional self-leveling concrete experts in Brooklyn add not just a thin layer of underlayment over the concrete substrate at your premises, but depending on the concrete’s condition, the underlayment requirement varies in depth. We add underlayments, which may range from feather-edge to up to 2- 3 inches in depth. Got a concrete floor eroding? Rest easy because our underlayment service in Brooklyn will make not only sure your floors become moisture free but also heat resistant.

Planning to install a hardwood, vinyl or tiled floor at your premises?


Create Shiny Lustrous Appeal with Overlayments

Looking to add epoxy floor coating to your residential or commercial premises somewhere in Brooklyn? If your concrete floor is not in the best shape, it’s best that you hire our experts to apply the best overlayments to your concrete before you proceed with adding epoxy or getting floor polishing in Brooklyn. At PEC Floors, we have the right floor experts with the best products to ensure the maximum longevity of your floor’s life.

The right overlayment will add the perfect high-end durability & exceptional compressive strength making it capable of bearing a lot of foot traffic without undergoing any deterioration. Moreover, a polished surface & epoxy layer will ensure your floor remains perfectly well protected & stable. While most flooring


Now Get Certified Self-Leveling Concrete Experts in Brooklyn

Getting quality workmanship for creating the most aesthetically appealing floors is not everyone’s piece of cake. Want certified specialists performing self-leveling concrete underlayments & overlayments at your premises? Well, look no further than PEC Floors where we use some of the most modern techniques and the best products to make your concrete floors highly durable. From surface preparations to floor finishing, our experts do everything they can to make them appear good as new.

Our experts have years of on-hand experience in making the cement perfectly settle. They are skilled laborers with ample experience in creating the most perfect looking floors. They have worked abundantly on different residential as well as commercial properties.

Searching for professional self-leveling concrete experts in Brooklyn? We are the right people for the job.