TErRAZZO Flooring In NY & NJ

Add Beauty & Elegance to Flooring with our Stunning Terrazzo Floors in NY & NJ

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Terrazzo Floors in NY & NJ - A Low Maintenance & Durable Flooring Option

Are you tired of boring and outdated flooring options?

Do you want to give your space a fresh and unique look?

Then what you need is a terrazzo floor for your residence!

PEC Floors offers high-quality terrazzo flooring in NY and NJ that require minimal maintenance and are incredibly durable. Our team of professional floor installers are fully equipped & use the best methods to install terrazzo flooring on any surface. We have more than a decade of experience in making terrazzo floors of all types.

Our experience is what sets us apart and makes us capable of handling any terrazzo flooring installation project with ease. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, our experts can install terrazzo floors for all kinds of residential & commercial settlements.

From custom floor designs to repair and maintenance of existing terrazzo floors, we provide all kinds of terrazzo services in NY & NJ with utmost precision.

Timeless Flooring Artistry

What is a Terrazzo Floor?

A Terrazzo floor is a distinctive floor type made up of chips of quartz, granite, marble or glass set into a matrix of concrete or epoxy resin. It is a favored choice among both residential & commercial spaces. Because of its high-end durability & low maintenance material, these floor types are easy to clean. 

The surface is non porous and does not require any wax job to add sheen. The chips in the mixture have different colors and our team carefully picks them to match the interior design of your residence or commercial property. 

Terrazzo floors are a great choice for customers who want to add a timeless and classic appeal to the floorings in their home or business property. 


Our Services

Terrazzo Polishing

Has your terrazzo floor lost its shine or do you see discoloration appearing on the floor? Heavy foot traffic can make it happen. At PEC Floor, we breathe new life to your flooring so it appears fresh off the block!

Terrazzo Sealing

Terrazzo floors can absorb dirt, grime and contaminations. As a result, it develops stubborn stains which are not easy to clean up. Sealing away your terrazzo floors can protect it against such stains & further damage.

Terrazzo Restoration

If your terrazzo floor was sealed away under a carpet or hardwood flooring, our terrazzo floor installation team can bring the old worn out Terrazzo floor back to its original condition.

Terrazzo Maintenance

Terrazzo floors that are exposed to high traffic areas such as schools, banks, grocery stores or hospitals often require frequent maintenance. You can schedule a terrazzo maintenance service from our experts.

Unique Composition and Design

Different Terrazzo Options To Match Your Unique Style


Epoxy Terrazzo

It is a durable, decorative flooring option which is created by combining pieces of marble, granite, quartz, or other materials with a binder. This flooring is incredibly durable, scratch resistant, and easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for customers looking for a long-lasting and stylish flooring option. It is available in unique and beautiful designs tailored to everyone’s personal style.


Cementitious Terrazzo

Cementitious terrazzo is a beautiful and durable flooring system composed of a concrete base, marble chips, and a cement binder. It is perfect for customers looking for a low-maintenance, scratch-resistant, and customisable flooring solution. Cementitious terrazzo is also easy to clean and can be coloured and patterned to suit any aesthetic.


Precast Terrazzo

Precast terrazzo are formed by pouring the flooring mixture into a mold or cast, then grinding and polishing it before laying it across a surface. They are most suitable for locations like stairs, baseboards, countertops, wall panels and benches. The precast terrazzo is a great option to use terrazzo materials in compact & small locations making it a great choice for customers.

Durable and Low Maintenance

We Guarantee Superior Quality & Craftsmanship

We are committed to delivering excellent craftsmanship when it comes to designing the perfect terrazzo flooring solutions. We know that every client has unique requirements and therefore, our team of professionals deliver custom terrazzo floors which compliments their specific style, design sense & preference.

Our installers are always in contact with top suppliers to source the right material so they can put together a flooring solution for you that leaves a beautiful & unique blend of terrazzo behind. 

We work with absolute precision and accuracy when it comes to floor installation. Our commitment to delivering superior quality is what ensures that our client remains fully satisfied from our work.

Choose our company for your next terrazzo flooring project, and experience the difference first-hand.



There are many benefits of installing a terrazzo floor at your home. Firstly, it’s a durable floor type which requires less maintenance. It also adds a unique appeal to your property. When installed correctly, they can withstand heavy foot traffic, extreme weather conditions & spills. They are easy to clean and are highly customizable. You can find different options available in design & style. They are available in different colors & patterns to suit your taste.

Terrazzo flooring installation typically involves pouring the mixture of chips and binding material onto a prepared subfloor or concrete base. The mixture is then leveled and allowed to cure before being polished to a smooth and glossy finish. The installation process requires careful planning and an attention to detail under the supervision of a professional.

Terrazzo flooring is relatively easy to maintain and can easily be cleaned with a neutral cleaner and mopping. One should avoid abrasive cleaners & harsh chemicals to remove stubborn stains as it can damage the surface of the flooring. It’s always a good idea to make sure you properly reseal the floor to maintain its durability and shine for years to come.

A terrazzo floor can easily last for decades, if installed correctly. With proper maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of the flooring to a considerable extent. There are many other factors like the quality of material installed, the amount of foot traffic it receives and how carefully you are maintaining the surface.