Reshape Your Old Concrete with our Flooring Professionals

Rough concrete can be troublesome, especially for your visitors. Imagine someone wearing heels and walking around at your premises only to find themselves sprawled down on the floor because of the pitted holes appearing on your concrete. You certainly don’t want that to happen, do you? The only way to avoid such embarrassments is to call our professional concrete self-levelers to level your concrete. At PEC Floors, we have self-leveling concrete experts in Queens to provide both underlayment & overlayment of concrete to make sure the concrete beneath your floor becomes highly durable and stay contaminant free.


Add High-Durability to Floors with Effective Underlayment

The concrete underneath the floors tends to erode over time. It usually happens because of moisture build-up underneath the floor due to extreme weather conditions on the outside. As a result, the concrete underneath succumbs to deterioration, and the foundation of the floor eventually becomes weak. If you don’t want that to happen with your hardwood, tile, or vinyl flooring, then you should add the perfect underlayments for your concrete in Queens.


Prepare Floors for Epoxy & Polishing with Overlayments

If you plan to get your floors in Queen polished or add epoxy layers to it, it’s best that you first prepare the concrete with an overlayment. In overlayment, PEC Floor experts in Queens NY add the perfect layer of concrete before proceeding any further with an epoxy floor coating or floor polishing. Getting an overlayment for your concrete is more like adding a layer of protection to maximize your epoxy floors’ durability.

Not only does it increase the longevity of your floors, but it also modifies the concrete underneath for future remodeling and renovations. The next time you plan on removing the damaged epoxy layers and fill up the floor with a newer solution, you will get a fresh layer of concrete underneath every time. At PEC Floors, we make sure to add the right overlayments so your floors can handle foot traffic. With our experts at work, you get the most well-protected & highly durable concrete floors ever.


Hire Only Certified Self Leveling Concrete Specialists in Queens

Why choose PEC Floors for self leveling concrete in Queens? It’s because we bring the best quality workmanship to create the most aesthetically appealing floor for our customers. Not everyone can perform self-leveling concrete in the best of ways. But when you hire our professional flooring experts in Queens, we utilize the most modern techniques & use only the best products to create the most impeccable floors for your commercial & residential settings.

When it comes to floor creation, we take responsibility for everything. From surface preparation till the very finishing, our floor experts in Queens do everything they can to make them stunning. We have some of the most skilled laborers who have ample experience in making floors. They have extensive years of on-site training where they have performed well at construction sites & commercial facilities. With our experts at work, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Want to hire the right people for the perfect floor job in Queens?