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Concrete Floor Restoration Made Easy with micro-topping in NY & NJ

Make use of our secret weapon against ugly looking concrete floor surfaces. Remove every crack & hole from your concrete floor with
professional micro-topping.


Get Perfect Surface Finishing with Concrete micro-topping in NY & NJ

Concrete micro-topping is a concrete overlay which adds a smooth and decorative surface finish for your concrete surface. micro-topping is a mixture made out of cement and is used as a resurfacing material to add a fresh layer of concrete coating to your existing concrete. You can install concrete micro-topping to all your residential & commercial, indoor & outdoor applications. With concrete micro-topping you get a highly durable finish which lasts longer than other floor types such as carpet, tile, vinyl, hardwood or any other flooring type. You also get a warm natural appeal and it matches up with your residential & commercial decor perfectly. Concrete micro-topping is a great low maintenance option for those seeking a concrete flooring with high end durability.

Are you seeking to transform your existing surface with a polymer based cement material offering long lasting durability to your concrete surfaces?

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Benefits of Getting Concrete micro-topping in NY & NJ

Concrete micro-topping can be used on a variety of different surfaces may they be residential or commercial. The toppings we apply can work across a variety of different floor types. Whether you’ve wood, vinyl, tile or any other floor type, we can add concrete topping with or without removing the previous floors. Why choose micro-topping? Because it’s

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Change the Color of Your Existing Concrete with Us

PEC Floors offers a variety of micro topping products to help you achieve the perfect look for your home & business. We have a variety of colors & textures available for you. Let us make sure that there is something to appeal to you. With our Micro-topping service, it is easy to create custom designs on your floors. You can also use them as an accent in any room with a variety of different iron oxide based colorants, chemical stains and more. No matter what design you choose, our micro-topping solution will be durable & long lasting for years. Now, you don’t have to worry about cracks and fading effects appearing on your concrete anymore. Our micro-topping solutions are easy to install. Just hire our Concrete micro-topping experts at PEC Floors to get the job done in no time. Want to learn more about the benefits of micro-topping? Let’s have a chat.


Why Choose PEC Floors for Concrete micro-topping in NY & NJ?

PEC Floors is the leading concrete company in NY & NJ. We offer our clients top quality micro-topping concrete which adds everlasting durability to your floors. Just have a conversation with one of our micro-topping concrete experts and we will guide you through the process of installing micro-topping concrete at your premises. We also offer concrete resurfacing and top quality stamped concrete as per our customer’s requirement. With a highly trained team of professional concrete installers, now get the best affordable & efficient concrete installation service. Call now or visit us online to gain information on how we make homes & offices appear beautiful time & time again.

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